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Customised Work

Carpetbinders is often completing edging assignments where the lines are not straight and there are a number of angles or curves that must be hemmed for a snug or tight fit.

This work comes from caravans, motorhomes, touring coaches, boats, yachts and cars from customised hot rods, classic restorations or people who want to protect the interior carpets of their existing modern car.

This work is complex and time-consuming requiring an in-depth knowledge around carpet edging of what is capable and what is not to complete the job to the high standard required by many of our clients.

When Carpetbinders completes these work assignments, there are two ways we can work with you.

  • You provide us with the pre-cut carpet pieces to be edged.
  • An existing template with your new carpet pieces and you leave us to complete the cutting for an additional nominal fee.

There also may be an additional charge based on time as it takes longer to hem the carpet pieces and this is determined by the number of fiddly corners and angles that are contained within the mat.

So if you have a caravan, campervan, motorhome, boat, yacht, a work van or any area where standard hemming could be difficult contact us to discuss your needs.

Also, check out our testimonials page to read what our clients say about our bespoke workmanship for motorhomes and the like.


We use the Carpetbinders because they never fail to deliver the best quality workmanship even when given our most challenging patterns or tightest timelines.

Tony McWhirter – Jayco Canterbury




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